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Frequently Asked Questions

I can not register after filiing in the form. Is something wrong with my registration data?

If you are unable to complete your registration, there could be several reasons. You should be able to see the field with a value which fails the validation highlighted in red and followed by a hint on what can be done to correct the failing value. Most common causes of denied registration are:

  • invalid email address, possibly having leading or trailing space character, semicolon or some other invalid symbol / double-check your email
  • inaccessible email address (under certain rare conditions it is possible that your valid email address can not be accessed for mail delivery from our server at the time of registration) / make sure that you can receive email messages from some sender in enamine.net domain; it may be necessary to contact your system administrator
  • mismatched field type, i.e. street address entered in the phone number field.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Please use our password reset option. You will need to enter your email in the provided form and your current login along with the new password will be emailed to you. You can change your password from your profile once logged in.

Where can I see compound's properties?

Click on a structure or use 'more details' link in the catalog.

I need additional data for ordered compounds due to customs requirements/corporate system registration rules/etc. Will you provide these data and how can I receive them?

Please specify additional requirements to supplemental data in Order Comments form and we will do our best to provide required information to you. You can download data files from your order details available from the 'Orders' tab.

I want to order equal amounts of all selected compounds; is there an easy way to do it?

Go to the 'Cart' page and use 'Group update' option. Keep in mind that Building Blocks can only be ordered in pre-defined standard batches through EnamineStore. You cannot set order quantity above the available stock quantity for a given item.

Can I save a list of compounds which I have ordered?

Yes, you can download set of compounds from your order as SDF or save the receipt of your order with a full list of compounds as PDF file.

I have an unknown error at checkout. Can I proceed somehow?

Please make sure that you are authorized if you have registered before. You can use password retrieval if you have forgotten your login and password and not sure if you were registered at all. If you are paying with bank card, make sure that the number is correct and that given billing address is approved by your bank. You can always return to the previous step at check-out and change your payment method if your card can not be processed for some reason. If it is mandatory to pay using the bank card it can be arranged with our sales managers when the order is placed.

Are there any discounts?

Volume discounts are in effect for screening compounds, i.e. the more items you buy, the lower the price per item is.

Can I save my selection of compounds to work with them later on?

Yes. Compounds picked to your cart are automatically stored for 48 hours with selected quantities and displayed prices. Also you can save the list of compounds in the catalog using 'Store set' function. There is no time limit for storing the user list. Compounds can be displayed at any time using 'Load set' function.

I have found a number of compounds which I would like to acquire; can I put all of them in cart at once?

Yes, if you have an account at EnamineStore. Once you authorize yourself, an option 'All to cart' will appear in catalog allowing you to add to cart entire set of compounds found during your last search.

Can I pay with bank card for order placed via email/fax/phone earlier? Do I need to register for that?

You can pay online any invoice issued to you by Enamine, no matter how you placed an order. You are encouraged to provide valid invoice number(s) to facilitate processing of your payment. You do not need registration for that, however history of on-line payments is available only for authorized users.

Can I define another contact person for compounds delivery?

Yes, you will be prompted to do so at check-out.

What if I need a separate bill to be delivered to another person?

You can specify billing address different from your shipping address during check-out. Additional billing address must be approved by your bank if you intend to pay with a bank card. Otherwise processing of your card payment may fail.

Are there any options for a compound return?

You can arrange return with our sales managers if compound packaging is damaged or if compound purity is compromised. Please do not ship compound back without contacting our managers. You may be subject to shipping fee for an unreasonable compound return.

How can I request expedited delivery for a building block?

Certain building blocks are available for "rush" delivery as pre-packed batches within North America, EU countries and Japan. Size and quantity of different batches is displayed in the catalog view. The ordered amount for the selected building block has to match exactly the size of the batch at the corresponding regional stock. The order eligible for expedited delivery must contain only items available from the stock matching the delivery region specified by the buyer. "Rush" delivery may be enabled at the final checkout step if both conditions are met.


Please, contact us at Customer Help Center for any other questions or concerns regarding the use of EnamineStore.com